The first Blog – How I use technology in my teaching

Before the course starts, I use technology to prepare the information to share and the example situations to show how some steps should done. I use the Internet to search data, information, articles and methods. I use computer and phone to do that. When I am teaching I use PowerPoint and videos to make the learning methods easier. It is easier to start to work in laboratory when you have seen methods step-by-step. After that, the students know what they should think and prepare before the actual work, in theory. In the lab, the safety is most important thing and then will come the learning and results. That´s why the technology have done the teaching easier for us. We can show before the actual works what to consider when working with dangerous reagents.

Technology could be more useful if there is more voice activity in the phones and tablets. In the lab, we cannot touch almost anything with the gloves. It could be easier to command the tablet to show something that we need to check, without using hands.

Technology cannot replace the ordinary learning, because if the students do not listen and be focus, they will not learn and they might cause danger situations. Technology do not put the information to their brains automatically. Students have to do it all by themselves.

TACE 2017  –  Anniina Runtuvuori  –  19.9.2017