Module 1

Orientation and formulation of learning outcomes

  • Teaching and learning through a foreign language vs. through the mother tongue
  • Survey of present situation and new needs, aims-specification

Module 2

Multilingual and multicultural learning context

  • Understanding your intercultural students
  • Managing intercultural groups

Module 3

Interactive lecturing and small group teaching methods

  • Designing and exchanging tasks and activities for collaborative learning
  • Analysis of disciplinary preferences

Module 4

Guiding research and academic writing

  • Conventions and practices
  • Giving instructions and feedback
  • Attending to plagiarism

Module 5

Alignment of teaching and assessment

  • From learning outcomes to assessment criteria
  • Linguistic and cognitive requirements of tasks

Module 6

Use of new learning environments

  • Promoting learner agency
  • Exploring the use of multi-modal learning environments
  • Experimenting with blog and wiki usage

Module 7

Portfolio workshop

  • Process and product evaluation: teaching portfolios

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the TACE Programme, participants are expected…

  • to understand the special features and requirements of teaching and learning through a foreign language
  • to have increased their own competence and confidence in interactive, written, and educational use of English and ICT-based learning solutions
  • to know how to survey and monitor the special needs of a multilingual and multicultural student group and how to attend to cross-cultural critical incidents
  • to be able to analyse and assess the linguistic and cognitive requirements of their own discipline and its content to be taught
  • to be able to design and assess versatile learning tasks that enable both individual and collaborative knowledge construction and active language use at the conceptual level needed
  • know how to structure and illustrate lectures through an interactive approach and guide small group work so that learning is possible at various proficiency levels
  • know how to instruct, guide and assess students’ academic and research communication and how to give constructive feedback on it.