Yesterday’s session

I found yesterday’s session very funny and interesting, but also instructive. The marhsmallow activity was very creative, so I want to thank members of our team, Bhavani, Kirsi and Bhavesh. I also thank Marke for her interesting slide. I benefited so much from it, especially from its parts on the criteria of evaluating spoken professional language, which, I am happy see that, was shared seperately.

See you all next session.


First thoughts and impressions

Hi everyone,

I’m Yusuf Dasdemir, post-doc researcher in the Department of Philosophy. I thought, while making the decision to apply to TACE-2018, it might be good for me to get some technical and pedagogical knowledge as to how to teach in an international environment in English because never in my teaching career had I taught in English. So far in TACE sessions, I’ve noticed that, beyond my expectations at the beginning, I can benefit from meeting with my colleagues from different departments and from hearing their different views and perspectives.
Moreover, I am excited to take my first step into the world of WordPress thanks to TACE.

See you all tomorrow!