Teaching Through English Medium

Teaching becomes challenging when you have students from various cultures and countries in an English medium class; Besides, their interest in learning and improving English at the same time compel me to modify learning experience in the class.

Below are some of the practice which is being ensured an analysed to seek proper response for communication curriculum through English.

a)    Explicit Instruction for the course outline and group assignments

b)    Pre-readings (Case Studies and study material) + reading time in class

c)    Group discussions in class

d)    Group presentation at the end of the course

e)    Group Project (written project report) at the end of the course

f)    Class discussions

Explicit Instruction for the course outline and group assignments

It is essential for any English medium course to put forward explicit instruction regarding course. If a teacher does a great job howsoever in summarising the course outline and related events, despite there can be questions regarding course instructions and confusion. Therefore, I discuss each instruction clearly in the class and ask for the confusion if any.

Pre-readings (Case Studies and study material) + reading time in class

It depends on the course requirement, as far as my course is concern, it requires case studies readings, at least one for each lecture which follows the theoretical concept. In the instruction, home reading is usually mentioned, but I give time in class as well so that, students can read and try to understand within the groups (groups are permanent and declared at the start of the first session).   

Group discussions in class

Group discussion in the class is significant when it comes to providing an equal chance to the student who want to or wishes to participate during the discussion

Group presentation at the end of the course

Group presentation and groups are designed in such a way in my class that they less likely get chances to be with the same language mates; the idea is to compel them to speak English while arguing or justifying their inputs.

Group Project (written project report) at the end of the course

The project report is briefed briefly and also being discuss in the class; the concept here is, that every member of the group has to participate in writing project report so that written English also get chance for the improvement.

Class discussions

Class discussion is offered to students most of the time, the major portion of the lecture are kept for the debate such as case studies and random topic and discussion related to that.

Above are some the tools which are meant to support EMI in my courses; at the same time, it also depends on the audience of the course; therefore, the kind of EMI tools vary.

Interculturality in Business Education

Interculturality has now become the essential part in the business education field; the multinational firms and those planning to internationalize are keen to recruit human capital with multicultural understanding. Graduates who have experiences on their resume about interculturality possess an advantage among others.

Business and trade are different globally, so do are the customers and consumers. It is therefore very important for companies to understand the requirements of the market and in the long run to maintain the credibility of the product or services.

Likewise, it has been a regular practice of academic faculty in the business school field to nourish the students in the class teaching with interculturality tactics. In class room teaching it very essential for the students to form the groups with different nationals or with exchanged students. These groups are then provided with simulation tasks through case studies followed by intensive discussion and opinions. Project report are also one kind of class room assignments that help students to research about the certain market. Such activity provide student with much needed information regarding intercultural prospects.

The teacher responsibility is to provide the latest examples of development in the business and trade; and explain in details why does intercultural skills are important and at the same tolerance to culture, faith, race and religion. Therefore, it is highly recommended in to encourage a multi-national group to participate together.

Digital Technology and teaching

The digital technology and innovation have provided opportunity to the education system by providing equal opportunity to all the students through online education. The trend has been rising for offering online education and to some extent made compulsory for teach to broadcast their online classes for the broader audiences.

Online education although involve certain hardware components, this requirement is opportunity as well as dis advantage. Opportunity for those who have access and affordability where in certain part of the world, there are education seekers who might not be able to cope with the financial condition to available such environment and hardware to access online education.

Every innovation has bright and dark side, though we should encourage the brighter side to overcome the dark side. Online education and courses offered are then modified with the class room teaching, the dry traditional way of class room teaching might to impact high per se.

Therefore, online course require certain understanding of providing online classes including some activity based teaching which are essential for student to learn in better way.