Use of Privilege Walk as a tool for teaching

‘’Privilege walk,’ another reflection based activity presented by another team in the class.  I liked this task, as we can use such a task in multicultural classrooms to break the ice. It can also help students to understand how diverse different cultures can be, while, the basic human emotions remain the same. I think teachers can customize the questions of this task based on the needs of the subject. It also brings awareness to everyone in the class about various other possibilities about a topic based on an individual’s reaction to each question.

In CEM classes, I can use this task to highlight different socio-economic issues in different cultures to highlight how multinational corporations can customize their corporate social responsibility geographically. Often, students from one geographical region are not entirely aware of culture and socio-economic problems of students from another geographical region. Sometimes in a multicultural classroom setting, a task like this might help students to discover the background of other students and create an environment to discuss and learn about different issues on an international platform so that the students are more aware of various cultural issues and deal with them appropriately in their future jobs.

I also agree to the following class discussion that as a teacher we need to use this task in classrooms with responsibility. There might be a risk of raising some issues, which can hurt or shock some students. I feel that it would be appropriate that if I provide complete context to the students and make them understand that it is essential to be aware of how other cultures function and this awareness might help them to deal with situations in a better way in future without getting overly judgemental about others or feeling shocked.  

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