Interculturality in Business Education

Interculturality has now become the essential part in the business education field; the multinational firms and those planning to internationalize are keen to recruit human capital with multicultural understanding. Graduates who have experiences on their resume about interculturality possess an advantage among others.

Business and trade are different globally, so do are the customers and consumers. It is therefore very important for companies to understand the requirements of the market and in the long run to maintain the credibility of the product or services.

Likewise, it has been a regular practice of academic faculty in the business school field to nourish the students in the class teaching with interculturality tactics. In class room teaching it very essential for the students to form the groups with different nationals or with exchanged students. These groups are then provided with simulation tasks through case studies followed by intensive discussion and opinions. Project report are also one kind of class room assignments that help students to research about the certain market. Such activity provide student with much needed information regarding intercultural prospects.

The teacher responsibility is to provide the latest examples of development in the business and trade; and explain in details why does intercultural skills are important and at the same tolerance to culture, faith, race and religion. Therefore, it is highly recommended in to encourage a multi-national group to participate together.

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