Digital Technology and teaching

The digital technology and innovation have provided opportunity to the education system by providing equal opportunity to all the students through online education. The trend has been rising for offering online education and to some extent made compulsory for teach to broadcast their online classes for the broader audiences.

Online education although involve certain hardware components, this requirement is opportunity as well as dis advantage. Opportunity for those who have access and affordability where in certain part of the world, there are education seekers who might not be able to cope with the financial condition to available such environment and hardware to access online education.

Every innovation has bright and dark side, though we should encourage the brighter side to overcome the dark side. Online education and courses offered are then modified with the class room teaching, the dry traditional way of class room teaching might to impact high per se.

Therefore, online course require certain understanding of providing online classes including some activity based teaching which are essential for student to learn in better way.

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