First post – Introduction

Hello Everyone!

This is a wonderful class and there is so much to learn and reflect from these classes. I am Bhavesh Sarna. I have a doctoral student at business school working in the Sustainable business group under the subgroup of Corporate Environmental Management (CEM). My research is about the identification of organizational paradoxes at the micro-level caused because of the different understanding of organizational Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies by individual employees.

As a student, I have studied in many places. I did my Bachelors in Technology from India, then a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from New Zealand and Master’s in CEM from Jyväskylä. I have seen teachers with very different teaching styles, I always wondered how will my own teaching experience be. You never know until you actually step into the shoes of a teacher and stand in front of the students to make an attempt to teach them. Last semester I got the opportunity to teach, which was such an excellent learning experience. Having those classes as my reference points, I feel that I have a lot to reflect upon and learn a lot in this class from the teachers and the fellow students (or teachers).

I have never done blogging before. So, I am picking on my reflective thoughts and presenting them here.

Looking forward to the next class.

Thanks for having me in the class.