The first post

This is the first blog post of my TACE program. I am a rather experienced blogger, but using a blog in a context like this is a fresh, new experience for me. I’ve no idea how it will work out yet, but already it has made me think about all the myriad possibilities that the technology of today can offer for both learning and teaching. Yet at the same time, and following the theme of today’s session, I keep wondering the other side of the coin, since in our zeal we might not always be fully conscious of all the effects the technology has for us.

Technology often forces our brains to operate in certain modes which may or may not be for the better. During today’s session I kept thinking of the old, mechanical typewriters, which nobody (including me, of course) would ever want to use again, yet the “mode of thinking” when working with a typewriter was very different from that of a computer. With an old school typewriter one could not erase nor move back and forth within the text, but instead she would have to focus and nail down clearly formulated sentences, one after another.

Now this is difficult and laborious but it is how the old school authors did all their writing. I tend to think that it was much easier for them to just force the text out when they got past the beginning, since they couldn’t stop and search for a perfect synonym, while working other parts of the text – pretty much the way I do my writing.

This is to simply to point out that technology – in teaching and in any other activity – affects us in many ways. Some are for the better, some are for the worse. And when we get some benefits from the technology, we might also lose something.

Coming back to the session, we had some really intersting discussions today on these subjects. Both within the small groups but also with the whole group including the teachers. I have a feeling that these interactive discussions will be a major elements during this program for getting new interesting ideas for my own teaching and course planning…