Susanna’s first blog

Good evening everyone 🙂 My name is Susanna Paloniemi and I work as a senior lecturer at the department of educational sciences. My research interests fall into the field of adult education – currently I am working in a project investigating the role of emotions in agentic learning at work. Guess that we all are familiar with the kinds of pleasant and unpleasant learning experiences in working life contexts – and I certainly would like to hear of your experiences and thoughts later on.

Hope that you had a nice session today after the coffee break as well. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay due to the meetings with our new students. That is, each year, so inspiring and exiting! Right now, sitting on the sofa, I somehow get the same feeling starting TACE myself: meeting and getting familiar with new people from different backgrounds, having the opportunity to learn new things, share experiences together and to focus on things that I find interesting. Thus, I really am looking forward to this programme – especially the intercultural aspects and question. And also hope that I will be able to allocate enough time for the programme, at least I tend to.

Today, we had a brief conversation about (digital) tools that we have been using in our teaching. For me the question basically is what more do the digital platforms bring into learning and what does that require from guidance and supervision. As most of my teaching duties are carried out through small group sessions, I quite often find the role of digital tools in information and study assignment sharing – also commenting and reflecting. However, the latter not always very successfully implemented within the student groups. So all good tips and experiences are mostly wellcome.

Good night and see you soon,
– Susanna