Kirsi’s first post

Hi TACE colleagues,

I’m Kirsi Heinonen and working as a project researcher in Faculty of Education and Psychology. My work consist of many responsibilities: e.g. I’m a digipedagogical support for our faculty’s staff. I have drifted into this position, because I have always been attracted by digital devices (since I get my first computer about 10 years old, at the time when computers were not so ubiquitous). In addition, I working within our eEducation project, called YouToo (supported by JY). In YouToo project our team develop altogether how to support students’ collaboration and grouping (i.e. getting common ground) in computer supported collaborative learning settings. In this autumn, my teaching with English and upcoming course (Lear­ning and 21st Cen­tu­ry Com­pe­tencies: Col­la­bo­ra­tion, Crea­ti­vi­ty, and Tech­no­lo­gy) related our YouToo project.  Up to now, in our project we have decided to support their grouping with gamified Kahoot-survey in the beginning of the course. In addition I’m working with my PhD, overall my research aim or question is “how to support teachers and students in technology-enhanced learning environments.

Before that I have do some blog posts (mainly related to some courses for PhD students), but I have always dreaming about blogging and setup own blog. But now I’m too busy to do that. May be some day. 😉

I’m looking forward our next Tace meeting – see you then! 🙂