Blog no 4 – Culture, what does it mean?

I tried to write about culture, but at first, I realize that I do not know exactly what does it mean. At first, in Europe, it meant cultivating the spirit (animi cultura). Nowadays there is many meanings for the word culture.

For me, it is easier to think culture when I think of a certain group of people. Like parents, students and teachers. I am not thinking about different countries and people from different countries. Maybe too often there is talks about different cultures when example media is talking about different countries. Culture is so much more.

I think some population that have something similar habits or thoughts; even those people are not connect together. Parents can joke about the “sleepwalking” and Baby Blues. Students are complaining always how they do not understand their teachers and teachers are surprised how students are not following the instructions that are almost like picture book. These populations are progressing together and making their own culture and their own language, like comics, humor and memes.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle student memes

Kuvahaun tulos haulle phd teachers memes