My reflections about culture/Maaria

I was thinking that culture and phenomena connected to it could be though as a fortress (see the figure). To be able to have “an insight view” one needs to get in. The first obstacle is language – it would be the moat surrounding the fortress – if people don’t have a common language is it pretty difficult to communicate and get any ideas about the culture. If one has a common language then one can still ram to the wall which would be habits, manners and routines people have in different cultures. One may do totally wrong things in foreign cultures – be impolite or even rude and not even know about it. The last obstacle (house (home) inside the walls) would be personal (individual) features each of us has. Some people are easier to be approached by than others – they are more open-minded etc. But then, finally, when one have passed all the barriers one can start enjoying the new culture….

But are there any “shortcuts” available – so that one wouldn’t need to go through all the steps..?? Any ideas?