Blog no. 3 – Interesting Kinaesthetic language learning

I haven´t heard before about kinaesthetic language learning. It was interesting to hear and try it. I think it works with small children and those who are focus to the issues that are mean to be learn.

Still. What if there is a student or a child, who is not comfortable with him- or herself? How to work with this kind of student? He/she may remember only that part of teaching where they have to do something that is not feeling good or right. They do not learn if they are too focus on their feelings and stressful situation. Do they have to take part to the activity session? Alternatively, can they watch it first if they want?

For me, it was difficult to learn the new language because I was too focus to the ball or movements. That is because I try too much to do everything correctly and learning new language is hard to me. So I just tried to stay on my feet 🙂 and tried not to be too competitive (because there was this ball 😀 ).

However, I think that I am going to use this method in our lectures if the topics are too heavy and lessons too long. Moving between the learning parts is refreshing and maybe this will help someone to internalize example how the receptors works on the cell surface. So thank you Mariana, Katarzyna and Anneli.