From Zero Use to Multiple Uses

Growing up in Cameroon as a kid and a teenager and even as a young adult, i was never exposed to technology as a student. When i say technology, i mean digital technology. The only technology i was accustomed to as a student, was the blackboard and chalk. As far as i remember from primary to university level education, that was all we had in class.

My first time being exposed to technology in the classroom was at several high schools in the city of Tampere. I am sure you should be wondering what i was doing there. I had been recruited through a Finnish project on global education to work as a global educator trainee. My first day in class, i noticed that they had digital boards, projectors and all the like in the classroom. I never had trouble using the computers but i did with the electronic or digital board.

My second experience with Technology in the classroom was at the University of Eastern Finland where i enrolled as an MA student. Technology was an exciting part of our classroom experience. I quickly became acquainted and use to technology as an integral part of classroom experience.

It was therefore very normal for me to use technology in class when i started teaching at the University. However, sometimes i feel like even though the use of technology in the classroom has a lot benefits which we have discussed about, it also has some limitations. I feel like students donĀ“t mind not paying complete attention in class because technology makes everything available for them (e.g. ppts, recorded lectures etc). Sometimes i use the board in my lectures because i like it, and because i want my students to actively pay attention.

Somehow, i feel there should be more training at all levels of teaching on how to use technology in the classroom. This should be a very important aspect of pedagogy. Teachers have to be prepared and trained effectively. There is this assumption that everyone knows how to use technology or that we are natives, but it is not necessarily true. Not having the appropriateĀ  skills and training on the use of technology in the classroom is disadvantageous to using it.