Perception of a culture

Finnish culture has been about sauna, viina, tar, pesäpallo, ice hockey, salty liquorice, cross-country skiing, difficult language and Sibelius. A Finnish man with linen clothes might have come from working in the field the whole day, hit his puukko to the wooden table and started eating mämmi and rye-bread.

My conception of “Finnish culture” now (whatever it may be especially after today’s lesson) is a little different. However, (partly following Bruno Latour here)it is basically real for me because it is, at least partly, my own view, my idea of the word just now and I often try to believe in me (even if I really don’t). It takes a little effort to change my view as well as the one of others.


One thought on “Perception of a culture”

  1. I understand your point. I remember some 20 years ago when I started collaboration with Keio University in Japan. It was sometimes very hard for me to understand why we have to do this and not that, and why the things are not proceeding etc. Many times I stumbled and I was thinking to put “hanskat naulaan”. However next day I tried again, and I started to succeed. I did not give up. This collaboration has been so very important richness in my academic career. Of course, I have not succeeded alone. I have had a lot of support from deans in our Faculty and from our rectors. Now we have had a university level collaboration agreement with Keio already for 10 years.

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